Welcome to my Lowcountry history blog! I will be touring many Lowcountry sites for my blog, some well known and some little or hardly known. Some will be straight history and some will be mixed with the legends and ghosts that have crept into our past! I promise some have only been revealed to family and await a larger audience! If you would love to hear authentic voices of the Lowcountry past, I hope to reveal many of them long silent…

Where is the South Carolina Lowcountry? Notice I use one word, very similar to my education as a young southern boy as I never realized “damnyankee” wasn’t one word until I was 12. Things have changed a bit since my childhood just 100 years after the Late Unpleasantness (Civil War).

I remember a few South Carolinians arguing about just where the Lowcountry is and isn’t…certainly all the Sea Islands along the coast are in the zone and all coastal counties are in, though some argue that Horry county is in its own zone.

In my mind the Lowcountry is a myriad of different habitats from beach, tidal marshes, maritime forests, black water swamps and pinelands extending from the coast to deep inland until the sand hills begin to climb out of the coastal plain. Every community inland will have a different answer as to if they are in the Lowcountry or not.

If you look at the map below from DNR, I would consider the Lowcountry to be most (if not all) of the Pliestocene strata from the coast all the way back to the ancient sea coast of the Plieocene era. You can imagine the old coastline just along the Orangeburg Scarp (OS).

South Carolina Geology Chart

South Carolina Geology Chart

I will be covering a wonderful world of history and heritage in my trips around the Lowcountry, by foot, canoe, boat and car…stay tuned for future adventures and send in your requests if you have any…

Oh, what is abroad in the marsh and the land and the sea?
Somehow my soul seems suddenly free
From the weighing of fate and the sad discussion of sin,
By the length and the breadth and the sweep of the Lowcountry, let its history begin…

My apologies to Sidney Lanier…